A warm welcome to the Field and Study Montessori Pre-School, in Parkmore, Johannesburg!

The most important period of life is not the age of university studies, but the first one, the period from birth to age six. For that is the time when mans intelligence itself, his greatest intellect, is being formed.

Dr M. Montessori

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The Field and Study Montessori Pre- School, established in 1992, is an exclusive Pre-School, catering for children ages 18 months to 5 years. It is nestled in a beautiful, tranquil park in the heart of Sandton.

Our classrooms are fully equipped with imported Montessori learning materials and each child works at his own pace according to his individual skills thus fostering confidence and independence.
The childrens learning environment is bright and spacious with lovely views of the park and river.
The childrens classrooms are equipped with eco-friendly air conditioners, filtered water dispensers and fridges for their lunchboxes and water bottles.

Our playgrounds include 3 large play areas with safe wooden climbing apparatus, sandpits, swings, a trampoline, vegetable gardens, a sensory garden and rabbits that roam freely in the garden.

Our learning program offers young children an advanced, superior education, including one to one teaching, reading, writing, maths and perceptual activities with the Montessori materials. Our highly qualified teaching staff, with many years of teaching experience, will ensure that children are given the best head start in life.

We offer extra murals, aftercare, holiday programs, school readiness programs, and special weekly events.

The Field & Study Montessori Pre-school caters for children from the ages of 18 months to five years old.

Our operating hours are from:

7:30 am to 12:00 pm

After careprovided until 5:00 pm at an additional fee . Light snacks provided .

Holiday careprovided at an additional fee.

School shuttle serviceoutsourced for drop off and collection of children at an additional fee.

Aftercare fees

Aftercare is available at the school from12:00 pm to 5:00 pm


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Sandton MontessoriOur aim is to develop confident, independent, and happy children. We are able to do this by introducing each child to the joy of learning in a stimulating, loving and carefully prepared environment. Each child is able to work with the specialized learning materials at his own pace according to his own skills and needs. Each child is taught individually with the materials. The children learn that School can be an unending adventure which inspires a lifetime of discovery. The School is here to nurture your child and celebrate his/her uniqueness. We are here to help you with the important work of guiding your childs intellectual, emotional and physical development. For over 28 years, Julia Gorham, a well recognized Montessori Educator, has developed an excellent and highly successful learning program for young children that has provided children with the best start in life.

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The school, nestled in a beautiful tranquil park in the heart of Sandton, offers children a unique country setting in which to learn in. It is fully equipped with imported Montessori materials and offers extra mural activities during the morning which include: Playball and Kindermusik. Your child will enjoy weekly themes, baking, exciting art activities, mini concerts and many fun happenings which can include, puppet shows, educational talks, birthday rings, bakers days, picnics and many more! We offer a fun holiday program run by a qualified Montessori Directress and provide the service of an outsourced shuttle service. The school is registered with the Environmental Health Department (Health Permit) and Department of Social Development. It is a registered member of the South African Montessori Association. (SAMA)


We would like your child to have fond and happy memories at our school and we strive to make a positive difference in your child’s life!

Your child is unique and we know it !

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Why does Julia Gorham stand by the Montessori method of teaching?

Julia Gorham’s daughter attended her Montessori Pre- School 18 years ago which provided her with an amazing sense of self confidence/independence, constant drive to achieve, a never ending road of discovery and learning, giving only the best at all times, self-discipline, accepting challenges, being driven, academic excellence, a sense of responsibility and reality, setting of goals, a love of life, a sense of value towards others and her family and so much more!

Julia Gorham’s daughter is presently completing an Actuarial Degree, obtaining no less than first grade marks for each subject. This is due to her Montessori education which provided her with the best start in life!

Julia Gorham’s youngest daughter has inherited her mothers love and passion for young children and over the years during her school holidays, has assisted Julia with the teaching of them as well as charity work at children’s orphanages. She is well loved by all the children for her caring and loving nature. Julia’s youngest daughter has pursued a career in education and is presently studying a Teaching degree.



Dr Colinda Linde

A parent’s focus is always on the well being and happiness of their child, and whenever there is a major decision to be made, this is even more so. The choice of school, especially in the formative years, is one of the most nerve-wracking for the modern parent-so many options, so many options, but how to know which one will nurture and grow your little one in the best possible way? When you leave your precious child in the care of strangers, for several hours every day. and have no idea what they are learning and storing as part of their make-up, you have to be sure about your decision. With this in mind, we contacted the Field and Study Montessori Preschool. By then we knew clearly what we did NOT want (harsh and autocratic headmistresses, children lumped together as a uniform mass, individuality pathologised or discounted, chaos in the classroom), so it was with pleasure that we encountered quite the opposite. From the very first contact with a teacher at the school, to meeting with the head, there was uniform professionalism and a genuine desire to understand the diverse needs of ourselves as parents, and those of each of our children. All four of us have felt heard and nurtured, as well as through gaining skills such as problem-solving, conflict resolution, and individualised input (academically and emotionally) for both children, has been a wonderful experience to watch unfold. It is truly amazing what potential flows outward from a child, when they are in an optimal environment! It has been a rich and fulfilling experience this year, and all of us will have fond and happy memories of this year. If you are considering a Montessori approach, yet with awareness of preparing children for schooling in a traditional environment, I recommend a visit to this school. May you be as pleasantly surprised as we were, by attention to detail and a sincere wish to make a positive difference for every child.




Tracy Beek

I am delighted to provide a testimonial for my two children, Kathryn and Nicholas Beek who have attended the Field and Study Montessori Pre-School over the following periods. The change in her in a few weeks was incredible and she just blossomed and thrived in the Montessori environment ..this is a very precious school.



Lungi Morrison

I know my son’s soul will always draw from the special fun, warm, loving and nurturing experience created at this very precious school.



Nkensani and Zam Nkhosi

If we could, we would clone you all, so you could be there

through all stages of our children’s schooling career.


Nangula Kauluma


May you continue influencing other children’s lives in such a
positive way.



Charlotte and Similo Sanquela

We would like to thank you,Heather and Maria for your contribution towards Zigi’sdevelopment. She joined Field and Study Montessori Preschool in September 2015 as a teary tot! Since then shehas grown in confidence,independence, and thoughtfulness. She’s even started her own little garden as a result of your planting days! We will always look fondly at her time at Fieldand Study Montessori Preschool and wish you the very best as you prepare, nurture and develop other little people!

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