The school offers the following extra murals:


  1. Playball:







Playball is an activity that not only focuses on ball skills but all kinds of gross motor activities.


Download the form to register below and see more information about their various age groupings and how Playball can help your child.

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2. Kindermusik

Music, movement and auditory perception are vital for the development of your child.

Download the form here:ENROLLMENT FORM 2018 3 terms

For more information see their website.




3. Pottery: Creative Souls

We have a lovely pottery program which will gift you with beautiful creations from your children.

Pottery offers a rich and unique art form which connects us to the environment in the most tactile way. Through modelling from nature, we learn to understand the world, allowing our imaginations to take shape in reality. Pottery teaches many things such as reflection and patience. It is extremely therapeutic and creatively develops fine motor skills.It contributes to the physical, psychological, and emotional growth of students.

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