Julia Gorham

Julia Gorham completed one of the first full time Montessori courses in 1987 offered by Strilli Oppenheimer at the Montessori Training Centre.

Julia then went on to gain experience at the Hout Bay Montessori and returned to Gauteng to open and run the Alta Montessori Preschools. She continued to teach whilst starting her family and opened the Rivonia Montessori Preschool from her home in 1992.

After running a successful school for 8 years the school relocated its premises in 2000 to a tranquil country setting in the Field and Study Park.

Julia Gorham is highly regarded by her fellow Montessorians and educators for her high standards and commitment to educating children. She has also been featured in the media.

Julia has two adult daughters, her elder daughter, Bella, followed a path in Actuary, while her younger daughter is completing her studies in Education. The children enjoy Gaby’s visits, as she has often assisted in the classroom.