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Your child is growing up fast and ready for a little more independence; our pre-school class will be the perfect place for them to learn and grow.

Toddler class

Our approach to learning and teaching is through child centered play and education. We have a fully equipped nursery together with elementary Montessori materials.

Holiday Program

We will take care of your children during the three term holidays and create beautiful arts and crafts every day.

Why Fields Montessori

The Fields Montessori Pre-School and Playgroup in Parkmore, Sandton is situated in a large, tranquil park where the children enjoy weekly nature walks discovering the wonders of nature. These include river walks gazing at fish with ducks swimming by, playing under the shade of trees, tossing autumn leaves, observing bird life, picking dandelions and wild flowers, selecting acorns, playing in the sand with sticks, collecting pine cones, running in the forest, playing hide and seek and having open end discussions about nature and much more.

This gives children great pleasure, resulting in a sense of calmness, celebrating the beauty of nature.

It is necessary for his psychological development to place the soul of the child in contact with creation, in order that he may lay up for himself treasure from the directly educating forces of living nature.

Maria Montessori would agree with the movement to place children outdoors. She placed a great emphasis on nature and nature education.

Dr. Montessori also felt that the outdoor environment should be an extension of the classroom.

Where else can you expose your children to a park setting in the heart of the city? In our modern world of screens and traffic, time in nature is essential for your child. Read more about the benefits of nature on our blog,in the Guardian, and from the author of “The Last Child in the Woods” Richard Louv.

The most important period of life is not the age of university studies, but the first one, the period from birth to age six. For that is the time when man’s intelligence itself, his greatest intellect, is being formed.

Dr M. Montessori

We also have a fun arts and crafts holiday program during the three term school program.

We offer a morning program (7:30 – 12:00) as well as an aftercare service (12:30 – 17:00).

montessori preschool in Parkmore, Sandton, nature

Meet Our Teachers

Fields Montessori has an outstanding team! Click on the images below for more information on our staff.

Classroom Facilities

Our classrooms are large, bright, clean and spacious. The children have views of the park though the classroom windows and can watch as horses trot by or see rabbits hopping around.

Our school is securely enclosed with a separate entrance and has large enclosed beautiful play areas equipped with safe play apparatus, sandpits, bikes, balls, swings, water tables, seesaws and lots more. Within the play areas are vegetable and flower gardens that the children proudly take care of.

Our classrooms are fully equipped with imported Montessori learning materials displayed on low wooden shelves and complimented with child sizedwooden tables and chairs. Each child is taught individually with the Montessori materials and works at his/her own pace according to his/her own skills.

Outdoor Play Areas


Our school is securely enclosed with a separate entrance and has large enclosed beautiful play areas equipped with safe play apparatus, sandpits, bikes, balls, swings, water tables, a trampoline and lots more. Within the play areas are vegetable and flower gardens that the children proudly take care of.

montessori preschool in Parkmore Sandton

The Montessori approach

Our aim is to develop confident, independent, and happy children. We are able to do this by introducing each child to the joy of learning in a stimulating, loving and carefully prepared environment. Each child is able to work with the specialized learning materials at his own pace according to his own skills and needs. Each child is taught individually with the materials. The children learn that School can be an unending adventure which inspires a lifetime of discovery. The School is here to nurture your child and celebrate his/her uniqueness. We are here to help you with the important work of guiding your child’s intellectual, emotional and physical development. For over 25 years, Julia Gorham, a well recognized Montessori Educator, has developed an excellent and highly successful learning program for young children that has provided children with the best start in life.

Heads of many Private Primary Schools in Sandton have personally contacted JuliaGorham praisingthe Fields and Study Montessori Pre- Schools high standard of education and noted that children who attended the Field and Study Montessori Pre- School are the best prepared children with advanced learning skills, confidence and independence.

Get crafty

Fields Montessori prides itself on its regular art program. The toddlers complete a daily art activity and the older children intersperse this with school readiness worksheets. We offer a fun arts and crafts holiday program run by a qualified Montessori Directress where parents are able to choose which days they would like to sign their children up for, based on the craft activity for the day.

Paint, bake, laugh and have fun!

Your child will enjoy weekly themes, baking, exciting art activities, mini concerts and many fun happenings which can include, puppet shows, educational talks, birthday rings, baker’s days, picnics and many more! We have a kitchen area and often bake muffins and pancakes as well as making fruit and vegetable sculptures with the children.

In addition we also have two extra murals at the school: Kindermusik and Playball to enhance their auditory/ music and movement as well as ball skills.

Montessori Preschool in Parkmore Sandton

What The Parents Say

Our Rooms & Classes

Our classrooms are bright, colourful and spacious and equipped with Montessori materials appropriate for each age group. We have two areas, the Bunny class (toddlers 18 months – 2 years) and the Hippo class (3-5 years).

Each playground is also structured to suit each age group, with the older children having higher playground apparatus to climb.

Months Old
Class Size

Bunny Class

The Bunny class is the toddler class. The Bunnies enjoy art, playing, learning and singing. We also have fun with our weekly sensory activities, gross motor exercises and reading stories.

3 to 5 years
Months Old
Class Size

Hippo Class

The Hippos enjoy a more advanced level of teaching, worksheets and theme discussions. As they grow older physically, we promote their own independence and the learning of new skills.

Your Children

At Fields Montessori we consider the children in our care our most precious gifts. Your child is unique in so many wonderful ways. Your child has a unique way of thinking, interacting and feeling. We will embrace your child’s uniqueness and celebrate it. We will help your child make choices and praise them for their positive traits.

Montessori believed that the world of the adult and that of the child are radically different. An adult has lived very many years with a tangled web of adaptions and defences towards their environment.

A child’s subconscious, however is barely hidden. They may have unusual responses to what one expects, but it is their soul, or spiritual embryo trying to develop that needs its freedom to discover its own way.

The most important aim of our staff is to instill confidence and independence for a lifetime of learning which is what we pride ourselves on doing.

Your child is unique in so many wonderful ways. Your child has unique ways of thinking, interacting and feeling. We will embrace your child’s uniqueness and we will celebrate it. We will help your child to make choices and praise them for their positive traits.

We will encourage your child to be true to themselves.

This means that the aim of education should be

  • Respect for the child’s existence, his personality. The teacher becomes more passive so that the child becomes more active.
  • An environment that helps him develop maturely. The teacher is no longer an authority figure behind a big desk: instead the child is able to move freely amongst furniture and objects proportioned to his size and strength and to use what he wishes. Furthermore, the environment is bright and attractive to him.

(summary from “The Secret of Childhood”, ch 18, Maria Montessori)

The school gate is secured with a pin code only known by parents of the school. In terms of our policies and procedures we limit pickups to parents and those who have been previously arranged by them to fetch their children.

During our nature walks there are three security guards that patrol the park area.

Evidence of the happiness of our children was recently revealed with a parent’s remark “I was going to send him to another school that teaches different languages, but he is so happy here I just couldn’t.”

Fields Montessori creates an environment where not only the children feel safe and secure, but they enjoy coming to school because of the fun activities and the space that it gives them to play, explore and learn.

We are merely humble explorers of the child’s world, facilitating an environment that establishes their growth.

“As soon as children find something that interests them they lose their instability and learn to concentrate.” Maria Montessori

Your children’s education and wellfare are our main priorities