Our School

As you enter the main gates to the park you will immediately feel as if you are in the country. Passing the stables to your left and following a driveway lined with large indigenous trees with views of large openspaces, it is likely that you will see horses trotting by, people walking their dogs, or children happily playing in the park.

The school is conveniently located next to a child friendly coffee shop which is a popular meeting place for families to meet after they have collected their children from school.

Our school is securely enclosed with a separate entrance and has large enclosed beautiful play areas equipped with safe play apparatus, sandpits, bikes, balls, swings, water tables, seesaws and lots more. Within the play areas are vegetable and flower gardens that the children proudly take care of.


School History

Julia Gorham completed one of the first full time Montessori courses in 1987 offered by Strilli 0ppenheimer at the Montessori Training Centre.Julia then went on to gain experience at the Hout Bay Montessori and returned to Gauteng to open and run the Alta Montessori Preschools. She continued to teach whilst starting her family and opened the Rivonia Montessori Preschool from her home in 1992.After running a successful school for 8 years the school relocated its premises in 2000 to a tranquil country setting in the Field and Study Park.The Field and Study Park was one of the first Farms proclaimed in 1857.It consisted of 40 acres of farmland stretching from Craighall to Bryanston.The Wilhaus’s originally from Germany, bought the farm in 1871 and planted many of the blue gum trees and wattles that are still there today for tanning extract.The Farm was later sold to the Arnolds who lovingly hand built a beautiful double story house, with the help of their son, Wolfgang.This Historic house is presently standing in the Park and has been proclaimed as a Heritage House. In 1957 the heirs to the farm, offered the Sandton Town Council first option to buy the 40 acre property. It was the Arnolds wish for their land to be enjoyed by families.

The Fields Montessori Pre-School building, originally stables on the Arnold Farm was a discarded area at the far end of the park, with open veld areas, dirt paths and was funded by Julia Gorham, the founder of the Fields Montessori Pre-School on behalf of the City Parks for the purpose of providing young children with the best education in ideal, nature learning environment.

The Fields Montessori Celebrates its

27th Birthday Anniversary !


Many past parents and pupils remain in contact with Julia and keep her updated about what they are doing and thank her for the good start she gave them in life and reminisce about fond memories they have of the school.

Julia Gorham is highly regarded by her fellow Montessorians and educators for her high standards and commitment to educating children.

Julia Gorham’s daughter attended her Montessori Pre- School 18 years ago which provided her daughter with an amazing sense of self confidence/independence, constant drive to achieve, an never ending road of discovery and learning, giving only the best at all times, self-discipline, accepting challenges, being driven, academic excellence, a sense of responsibility and reality, setting of goals, a love of life, a sense of value towards others and her family and so much more!

Julia Gorham’s elder daughter is presently completing an Actuarial Degree, obtaining no less than first grade marks for each subject, this is due to her daughter’s Montessori education which provided her with the best start in life!

Julia Gorham’s youngest daughter has inherited her mother’s love and passion for young children and over the years during her school holidays, has assisted Julia with the teaching of young children as well as charity work at children’s orphanages. Julia’s youngest daughter is well loved by all the children for her caring and loving nature. She has pursued a career in education and is presently studying a Teaching degree.