Julia Gorham

With over 25 years of teaching experience, Julia Gorham’s passion is educating young children and to make a positive difference in their lives. It is a privilege and honour for her to observe the children who attend the Fields Montessori Pre- School and Playgroup,blossomand thrive, developing self-confidence and independence, which is vital for children’s successful and future schooling years.

After studying marketing, Julia completed the first full time International Montessori teaching diploma in South Africa in 1987, offered by Strilli Oppenheimer at the Montessori Training Centre. She is the Founder of the Alta Ferreira Montessori, Rivonia Montessori and Field and Study Montessori Pre- Schools. Julia is also a Filial Play Therapist,Educational Corporate Consultant,offers home schooling programmes, Monti Kids Child Care and lots more!

Julia is acontributing writer to parenting magazines, an educational trainer, hosts parenting workshops and has compiled over 100 teaching manuals for use at under privileged Pre-Schools throughout South Africa. She is the Founder of the parenting website Childrens Kickstartwhichshares her knowledge, wisdom, and kid’s crafts with other parents.

Julia is highly regarded by her fellow Montessorians and educators for her high standards and commitment to educating children. She has also been featured in the media.

Julia is a proud Mom of two daughters, her eldest daughter Bella, has completed an honours degree in Finance and Accounting, and her youngest daughter, Gabby is presently studying an Educational degree for children ages 0 – 6 yearsand shares her mother’s passion of teaching young children.

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