Maria Monnathoko

Maria is a teaching assistant in our school. She is an invaluable asset, particularly having a gift of being a calming and consistent presence for both teachers and children alike. This is her third year at Fields Montessori. She is first aid trained.

Maria is an “angel dropped from heaven and is well loved by all the children in her care and is greatly appreciated by the school parents for the extra things she does for each child. Maria has become an integral and dedicated member of our amazing team over the years.

Maria is always full of smiles, and says she enjoys teaching the children African songs, bringing trays of bottled water whilst they are playing outside and playing fun games with them in the garden. Maria ensures that the children are applied with sunblock, wear sun hats, sings songs with the children during nappy changing or toilet routine and her enthusiasm towards the children is a joy to observe.

Maria has two older children: a daughter who assists children after school with their homework and a son who is currently in matric.

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